How to prevent frizzy and non curly hair?

I am transitioning my hair after straightening it with a flat iron for about 2 years. I've been wetting it everyday but my mom says that will destroy it. My hair is dry and frizzy and I'm really frustrated.Additional Notes:- Age 14- Hair type 3b/3c

2 Answers

Well, I am a PRE-teen; I'm 12, and yeah, that is SUPER damginging! I mean imagine MOVING (I mean MOVING moving! Like packing up all your stuff, renting a truck to transport your furniture, and leaving house kind of moving!) back and forth every single day!!! Won't you be exhausted and worn-out! That's basically what's happening to your hair when you flat iron  and then wet it everyday! I suggest you transition meaning grow out your hair and then cut the damaged ends off. Or if you don't want to wait you can just grow your hair out for a month and then cut it all of which I assume you won't do because I assume your in highschool and that will be terrifying! I know cuz I recently cut my hair "boy-short" and I didn't care but at times I FELT like a boy! Another alternative is "grow some, trim some" (as I call it) which is basically growing a little hair and then cutting a little hair. Basically... you have to cut your hair...after you do that, establish a hair routine that works for you so you can keep your NEW hair healthy!Hope I Helpchya!- Rahmat The Hair Obsessed 12 Year Old
I am 13 years old with 3b/c hair and I co-wash my hair daily, and scrunch a styler on it and it is super healthy.  it will not "destroy" your hair.  My dad kept on telling me that, but water is a great source of moisture. If you can tell your hair is damaged, you should transition.  But putting water on your hair isn't going to destroy it