What products can help frizz ease and add moisture?

I've been trying my hardest to find the right products. I've been asking but get no replies from other naturals. My hair is always matted. It never is dry for school in the morning. The frizz is just impossible to manage. I can send videos if it will help . 

1 Answer

Hi Selena! I will recommend deep conditioning your hair (try the honey and mafura oil intensive hydration hair masque by shea moisture) when I used this masque it helped with the frizz for the next few days. If you want something stronger try a protein treatment like the two step treatment from aphogee.One of the best products for frizz that I have tried is the ouidad climate and humidity control ($$$) or the tresemme keratin serum ($). However I think that before trying frizz products do a deep conditioning or a protein treatment. You will see a huge change in your hair's shine, shape and frizz control. These products worked on my hair (2c with sections of 3b)