Which products should I use so I don't have to use a ton of hairspray every time I do my hair?

If I don't use hairspray my hair gets so flat and unbelievably frizzy. I'm a type 2b 

1 Answer

I love Dermorganic Volume Foam (mousse). It's not crunchy gives me great volume and definition (especially if I pair it with Curl Keeper underneath) and those two reduce my frizz. I doubted the hold b/c it was not very crunchy. I use a large Quarter of the CK on first and then 4 pumps of the mousse. T-shirt scrunch after that and then apply 1 more pump of mousse b/c I figure a lot of the product gets transferred to the T-shirt. I only need a tiny bit of spray at bangs to keep it from flopping in my eyes when I'm done and my volume lasts. Only an upside fluff or ruffling my roots is needed if it starts to go flat during the day. This has been a great combo for me. I found the mousse in TJ Maxx for much cheaper than online. Bottom line, the right products for you (keep experimenting) will help but you may always need a little.