What products or methods can I can implement to tame frizz/shrinkage in ultra humid conditions?

I live in New Orleans, which has 75-100% humidity everyday year round. In the winter, I can manage to keep a twist out defined for a few days, but starting in March all bets are off. I'm at war with this humid weather and I'm tired of losing. LOL. My current products do a good job, but I'm looking to step up my game!Current Products:Joico Smooth Cure Shampoo, Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle or Nourish Conditioner(s), DIY Deep Conditioner (Mayo or Avocado/Banana mask), Jane Carter Revitalizing Leave-In, Camille Rose Moisture Butter, Camille Rose Twisting Butter and EVOO to seal. Hair Details:4a curl, Low Porosity, Fine, Med/High Density, Coarse

1 Answer

if you use products that have anti humectants your hair will not swell from the humidity. Anti humectants will repel water versus attracting water like glycerin does