what products or other things should I do?

I am Hispanic Indian Scottish and African American. And I have 3b curls. My roots are beyond frizzy my hair is always dry and frizzy and my curls are not defined like I would like them to be. I desire having curls like 3c could curls instead I have like curly waves that I don't like. What should I do. I used to always flat iron my hair but it's no heat damaged i know that for a fact. I would normally wash my hair with garner fruitis that leaves it soft and I condition with Aussie that leaves it manageable then I section my hair untangle it then apply Shea moisture coconut hibiscus cream and kinky curly not today and I might defuse it but then it comes out super big (i hate huge hair

3 Answers

Try the aunt jackie's in control moisturizing & softening conditioner and as i am hydration elation intensive conditioner. I've personally never used them but I heard great reviews on how they help moisturize hair and reduce frizz. A coconut oil mask also might help too.
Research the Curly Girl Method (no sulfates, silicones, parabens). Your current shampoo and conditioner have them and over time they dry hair and keep moisture out. You will get a much better curls with the CG method because you will be getting the hydration your hair needs. The Shea Moisture line has good shampoo and conditioners (assuming you don't have protein or coconut sensitivities). Try switching to those and then co-wash (wash with a light conditioner more often than with a shampoo). Those steps have helped many curlies get great results!
I agree with no sulfate and silicone and am big believer in Scientific Essentials - you can web order or they are in some big salons and boutiques in web cities. Their conditioner literally solves all my hair issues