What products can be used to prevent curly hair from drizzling and getting poofy?

I try to go for the scrunchy curl look. I usually only use mousse and conditioner to control the frizz. But as it dries it gets poofy and loses its length (which isn't too long to begin with) & makes it nearly impossible for me to enjoy wearing my hair naturally.  I have tried it all, including a Keratin smoothing treatment and it didn't help much. Does anybody know anything i can do to at least keep it from poofing up? Thank you!

1 Answer

curly hair naturally shrinks up. You should use a gel so that your hair won't poof up. I like Eco styler gel because it holds my curls without being too crunchy or weighing down my curls. I also like mixed chicks leave in which defines my curls a lot. Mousse usually doesn't have enough hold and will dry crunchy. Hope this helps