Recommendations for frizzy 2C curls

i feel like i have tried everything and still havent found an amazing product for my hair. So i have 2C hair type that is super super thick. Its more curly on the bottom and kinda wavy on the top. Its really frizzy and i cant get rid of the frizz even though i use sulfate free shampoo, rinse with cold water, comb with a wide tooth comb, and sleep on a satin pillow. Its just so frizzy. I want a product that will make make my hair curlier and define the curls and take away the frizz. I have tried the shea moisture coconut and hibiscus shampoo, conditioner, and curling smoothie. They've worked for me but not that great tho. I tried the carol's daughter line too, it was okay. I am trying the kinky curly knot today detangler and it makes my haur really frizzy. So do you guys know any curly hair products for 2C, extremely thick, low porosity hair that will define the curls and give it a hold that will get rid of the frizz?

1 Answer

Hi! I thought your question would be helpful for many of our readers so I wrote an article in response, I hope this helps!