Any recommendations for reducing the frizziness and dryness of my hair?

I wash my hair once every 3 days. When I wash I try to massage only my scalp with the shampoo and when I use conditioner I try to apply it to the ends of my hair. Please see the drive link below where you will find attached photos of my shampoo, conditioner and a photo of myself so you can see what my hair looks like. Thank you for your time!

2 Answers

Hi RobCurly, I can't click on your link, but if you upload a photo to your profile then I can see you hair. In any case, what hair products do you use? If you want to keep frizz away and have moisturized hair you need to: 1. Use a sulfate free shampoo 2. Deep condition every 2 weeks 3. Use a styler with some hold to keep your waves together and keep frizz away. What products do you use? 
Hi,To treat dry and frizzy hair, the best is home remedies like hot oil massage and hair packs like banana with milk or yogurt, avocado & yogurt, mayonnaise etc. This packs gives your hair a shine and makes it smooth too.