How to get rid of the frizz on 3c/4a hair?

Hello Curly Ladies,, okay so I'm a bit frustrated with my hair. I  cannot control or get rid of this frizz, especially in the front of my hair.  I have a 3c/4a hair type I think.  The front is very loose almost just a wave instead of a curl. No heat damage. I've cut my hair twice. The first cut was my semi big chopped around 2013, the second was recent in August and that one was getting rid of all the heat damage. Though I did the big chop I still straighten my hair so  it was growing but had damage ends. Now I'm here today with my whole head actually curly but it's still giving me problems, now with frizz. Yes I had frizz before the cuts but I thought it was over the heat damage. I don't know what to do. I deep condition every week. I use alcohol free gel (Eco Styler). I also use cantu leave in conditioner or Shea moisture. I seal my ends with either coconut oil or olive oil. And I wear my hair in a low bun for my protective style more than often. I do wear wash and go'a but because of the frizz it eventually goes in a ponytail at the end of the day. My wash and go's only last one day because of how bad the frizz gets. I really need help. Someone out there please help me!

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