How to get rid of frizz and stop it from getting so knotty and tangly without loosing any curls?

My hair is between a 2b and 2c but is more on the 2c side and i love my curls that I have however the frizz makes me hate my hair. It gets so frizzy really quick and also it gets so knotty and if I brush it it gets worse. Its o annoying and I always straighten it now but i really want the curls my hair has without the frizz and knots. Please help.

1 Answer

your hair sounds similar to mine! I was having the same problems. My hair was so knotty (frizzy too) that I couldnt get a brush through it. it was due to how dry the ends of my hair were. I got a trim and it became 10 times easier to detangle. And a tip I have is dont brush your hair except for in the shower! Use a wide tooth comb while you have condioner in to get out all the knots. This helped alot because it becomes easier to brush and healthier because brushes can cause breakage. It tamed my frizz a bit, but still there. Ugh! But I hope this helps you(: