My roots dry much quicker than the rest of my hair is this a sign of a problem?

So I used to put a mild relaxer in my hair for 2 years and then switched to the Brazilian Keratin because the hair dresser told me it would allow me to keep my curls (it didn't at all in fact it completely changed the texture of my hair from a 3B to about 2b, 2c, 3a I have different textures in different sections of my hair and also I lost a lot of volume in my hair) for about 4 years (my curls were kinda destroyed after the first treatment so I just continued) and for the last two years my curls (I use the term loosely) were just sad and limp so I just straightened my hair with a flat iron without any chemical treatment but always using a heat protectant and I would straighten about every week and a half (with no touch ups in between my hair just stayed straight). Since about March of last year I stopped using heat to style my hair and chopped off 7 inches of my hair that was pretty fried from the heat and chemicals. And now my curls are slowly but surely returning but my roots dry way faster than the rest of my hair (I'm talk two minutes out the shower I see frizz forming at my roots) and my roots are frizzy but the rest of my waves/curls are generally frizz free. I'm afraid that I'm some how damaging my new growth which is something I would like to avoid. Is the difference in drying time a sign of an underlying problem I'm not aware of? Also if you need more information from me to determine the problem please let me know I figured a history of my hair would be a good starting place

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