What's causing my frizz?

I have extremely long, thick 2c/3a hair type. Been co-washing and following CG method for 5 weeks. I don't think it's build up because I used a sulfate shampoo before starting to strip any build-up from previous products and use Dr.Bronner's shampoo once a week. The conditioner I started using was Down Under Naturals Nude in combination with LA Naturals Gel. Just switched to Tre Semme Naturals thinking the thicker formula might help but I'm still getting a ridiculous frizz halo! Using gel does not help the frizz at all. I really want to stick with this method as I'm so sick of fighting my natural hair but I look homely! I know I have damage from years of straightening and being rough with my hair as well as regrowth from post-partum hair loss. Could this be what's causing the frizz and if so is there anything I can do? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. TIA! -The picture attached is me right after shower after leaving in conditioner and applying gel. Still very wet and the more it dries the crazier the frizz gets.

2 Answers

Try using a microfiber towel or t-shirt instead of a regular towel (if that is what you use to dry your hair). You could also try using a little bit of an oil, like Jojoba, to tame those down.
Maybe use a light curl cream or lotion before the gel?  I like Shea Moisture's JBCO styling lotion. It doesn't weight hair down.  Also I switched from using a microfiber towel to using a flour sack towel (4 pack from target for $4)