Could Shorter Hair=Less Frizz?

My mom always insists that I should have my hair shorter because it will look better that way apparently and she thinks it will be less frizzy.Now that I've found my true 2b texture (always thought I was a 2a) I'm pretty satisfied with how curly my hair is, which is almost halfway down my back. But, there is still a lot of frizz and it's not that shiny, particularly near the roots.Could cutting my 2b hair shorter make it less frizzy? Is my texture better off shorter?

1 Answer

I think it depends on the individual. It did for me and your hair looks like mine when it was longer. However, you're hair looks like mine, before I cut it. What I did was cut it slowly starting with a super layered cut, to see what looked best. It looked great, but then it went all flat! However, I started coloring around the time it stopped looking good and it's looked better since I switched from chemical color to henna.  I'm attaching photos. My weight went up and down a lot during this period, so that's a confounding factor & it's not the hair.