The two front sides of my hair is so frizzy and almost unmanageable! I've tried everything. HELP!!!!

Thank you for reading this question!First of all I'm 15, but I've been a natural for 3 to 4 years now. I've gotten most of my hair to grow, but there is this little section on both sides of my hair that, when combed, is a giant poof! It is always dry (and my need very little moisture) and no matter how much of the strongest gel I apply, all it does is poof! It won't grow at all and it makes my wash N go's look terrible. (My does not have a lot of volume, but I'm not biracial or Caucasian. I'm a confusing mix of the two plus native American. I look African American) Is it damaged? Can it be fixed?My hair naturally very soft and silky and it grows FAST! littraly, an inch in a week! Ask my mother if I'm telling the truth. She'll say yes.My hair is almost WL but not MBL the hair in question is only CBL or APL. I haven't used heat in over a year.Dont know if all that helps...HELP!!! I dont know what to do!

2 Answers

Okay, first things first, are you combing out your hair in the shower with a wide tooth comb? That's probably the most important step in a curly hair routine to avoid breakage and dryness. Second, I recommend using a leave-in conditioner, anti-frizz serum (of any brand, without silicones), and gel during the day. Pay attention to these two spots. Sometimes during the day at school, I go to the bathroom and wet my fingers, and recurl my hair in front of a mirror. The water would give back definition and moisture to my hair. I suggest doing the same, but in the morning before school, with water and gel. :D Hope this helps !!!!
im 15 too and my hair poofs out to the sides as well.  What I use is flaxseed gel it doesn't take away the problem completely but it does h