Is there a spray to reduce frizz after a day of wear outside?

After I style my hair, get good curl and spend the day outside, I find a halo of frizz surrounding my curls.  Is there a spray or something I can do to reduce the frizz at the end of the day to preserve the curls but get rid of the frizz?

1 Answer

I make my own spray gel for such purposes and it seems to work well for me, maybe it will work for you too! I just have a small spray bottle from the Dollar Tree store and I fill it with 2 parts filtered water to 1 part of my regular gel and shake it up. I'll spray it on and gently smooth it down with my hands anywhere where there's the "halo" frizz. If I have curls that have gone rogue, I'll spray that from root to tip and curl it around my finger, hold for a few seconds, and gently let it go. Hope this helps!