Why do stretched styles (ie. twistout) frizz more in humid weather than wearing your natural curls?

I was using the Frizz Forecaster on your website (great tool by the way), and it recommends 4A types should NOT wear twistouts or stretched styles in humid weather, and that wearing a natural curl pattern would pop more due to the high levels of moisture. Why does the state of the hair (stretched vs. it's natural state right after washing) make a difference with regards to moisture absorption? Can you help me understand the difference? Thank you in advance for your help!

2 Answers

This is how I understand the issue and obviously not from experience. In humidity there is lots of moisture/water in the air.  Your curl pattern has memory it's shape is "instinctual." So if you wet your twist out it will go back to it's natural curl pattern. Right? So being in humid weather is almost like getting it wet. It wants to revert back to it's natural shape not the shape that you have produced by drying it with the twists. Your hair does not absorb more moisture in one style compared to the other it just will frizz in the twist out more because it's trying to "revert" back, if that makes sense. Hope that helps.
Hello and thanks for the explanation KatCurl, that does make sense. I was hoping to wear twistouts in the summer time, but they "fluff up" by the end of the day and feel a little dry. The last time I tried to wear my natural curl out, it seems to dry and stiffen even faster in the hot weather, but it may have been due to the styling product I used at the time. I will definitely try again with the natural curl pattern and maybe just rake the product through, rather than flat twist. Thanks again for your help!