I had/have 3c hair, I did the big chop 4 years ago and not knowing enough about heat damage changed the curl pattern on the top shaft of hair, and because the top is so, and bottom tightly curled, when it dries I look like BOZO!!!  Casing it to frizz please help!!

2 Answers

Thirsty hair equals frizzy hair. Try adding more moisture in your regimen and if you're a fan of gels and mousses, use those as well to temporarily control the frizz by smoothing the hair cuticle with it until the moisture balance is restored in your hair. Best wishes.
Hey:) Use Pro Naturals hair repair system products. Their shampoos, conditioner, hair masks and hair oils; their whole stuff do not roughens and dries hair out. Try get their products. You can moisturize your hair with argan oil, that stuff is the best for dry hair, it makes it really soft and strong and you won't get dry ends or anything. It smoothes hair down and makes it soft and healthy while preventing damage and split ends, My hair has way lots of benefits using them. :)