Thick hair and sensitive skin. Any way I can reduce frizz & define curls, without breaking out?

1 Answer

I also have the tendency to break out when products get on my skin. I have started to go for products that have less fragrance and are more gentle. You can't exactly avoid getting product on your skin (unless you're okay with dry and broken edges...) so you should look into gentle products, with little to no fragrance. Also, I ALWAYS wash my face after styling my hair just to be safe. This is one of those tedious things, so just be kind of careful when applying product, and if your hair is longer and hangs around your neck, you may want to look into updos, or putting your hair in a pineapple until it dries to keep that product/water mix off of your skin. I usually drape a towel around my neck while styling to prevent the hair from coming in contact with my shoulders/back/neck.Good Luck! :)