Thin but enormous hair - how can I keep my curls past 2 hours?

People see my hair and assume I have hair thicker than anyone else's. If I let it go free, it's huge - think the latest O magazine cover, where Oprah went natural and has hair across the page. Only slight exaggeration needed.The thing is, my hair is actually really thin, to the point where if I put my hair back with a part my scalp shines through rather badly. All of the enormous volume is from frizz, and that's WITH conditioner, daily leave-in, and hairspray. As of now, I'm considering getting a shorter cut for my 2B/3A head of hair, since my hair is currently to the small of my back when straightened. I need to know how to keep my curls past 2 hours after washing.Does anyone have a similar problem, aka not a lot of hair that looks huge and can't keep a curl? Any advice would be appreciated, since I really do want a shorter cut even though the last time I got one I had an afro.

3 Answers

Here are some tips:-Deep condition once a week! Super Important!-Leave some conditioner in your hair after applying it in the shower.- No hairspray! It´s bad for your hair and just leaves it crispy and gross.-Instead use all natural curly hair products. Use hair creams and hair milk. - After applying hair product use a styling oil such as my favorite: the Suave morrocan argan styling oil. Use just a little and focus it on the ends of your hair. A little goes a long way!- Cutting your hair shorter is not going to fix this problem. It will probably only make your hair look bigger.Hope these tips helped in any way!
Along with conditioning, you're going to want strong hold gels and creams to help tame your hair. Try to twist individual sections to form a curl with the gel in your hands and on your hair, twisting every section of hair, deciding what thickness you want for each curl. It goes by quicker the longer you've been doing it. I used to clip my hair up and twist little sections  as I let them down from the clip. Also, i would only recommend air drying, as diffusing can add volume. Be careful how much of the gel cast you scrunch out. More cast = more control
Just a heads up, the suave morrocan argan styling oil has cones.