Thinking about trying a Brazilian Blowout? Ask us anything.

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Is a Brazilian Blowout the same as a keratin treatment? What are the differences?
Hi CocoaWaves,Great question.  Brazilian Blowout is often confused with other keratin treatments, and many are referred to as "Brazilian Blowout" when they are not a true Brazilian Blowout.  Brazilian Blowout is amino acid based which are the foundation and building blocks of protein.  This allows the service to be rinsed and completed in the salon. When the client leaves the salon, there is no wait period.  A keratin treatment requires the client to leave the product on the hair for up to 72 hours/3 days without washing, putting hair in clip/ponytail, or exercising, therefore restricting the client's lifestyle for a few days.  A true Brazilian Blowout - the one in the bronze bottle - is completed in about 90 minutes at the salon with the finishing step being a rinse/masque.For additional questions, you can always connect with our customer service reps at 877-779-7706. 
How long do the effects of a Brazilian Blowout last?
I want to buy a hair dryer. At the store I saw one branded "Brazilian Blowout", all the specifications looked great but I did not buy it since I was scared that it would harm my curls. Is that a dryer from your brand? if so, how does it work? does it deposit anything on the hair?