Tips for extremely thick frizzy hair that is very hard to handle...

I've attached a photo of my hair normally... this is just it today and it seems to be agreeable haha. Usually my curls separate and frizz a lot more. It has quite a strange texture... when you run your finger down a strand it feels almost bumpy... some hairdressers have described it as 'beaded'. Just wondering if anyone has any tips :)

3 Answers

Oops, forgot to add that it seems to defy all the rules of frizz fighting, in fact, most conditioners and masks make it frizz more as afterwards the curls kind of poof... its hard to explain. 
Just put natural oils and leave in conditioner. That's what I do and my hair is very frizzy. But when I add in coconut oil and leave in conditioner it calms it down and it looks so pretty.
Olive oil spray and non-frizz oils help a lot too.