Is there some type of humidity or anti frizz product that'll help and protect my hair?

I want to straighten(flat iron) my hair but I only do it in the fall/winter due to humidity. What kind of humidity protection or anti frizz product can I use? 

1 Answer

Hey Nikki! Love that name. I talked a lot about my fav frizz fighters in this video but that was all for curly hair. Whenever I straighten my hair I usually use a serum with properties that lock out  moisture- anti-humectants- aka silicones. Silicones work wonders to keep your hair straight and less frizzy. BUT they are a mess to wash out. So keep that in mind. This lists has some great ones for straight hair as well as curly... see 3,4,8,11 and 14. That should give you an idea of the products. 20 Anti Humectant Products for Spring