After washing my curly hair, my hair is extremely frizzy.

After washing my hair it gets extremely frizzy. When I put products in my hair then the curls reappear. Does this mean that I am not hydrating my hair properly while washing? How can I change this? 

2 Answers

a lot of times your hair might seem frizzy because the cuticle is open, the hot water of the shower naturally does this to allow the products to penetrate so they can moisturize but the cutuclie must be closed. Simply aftter washing your hair rinse one last time with cold water and tshirt dry hair and you should notice less frizz even before putting any product in. If this doesn't work try some cold tea rinses or put some flaxseed or really any gel into the hair then rinse most of the gel out with the cold water then t-shirt dry hair.
My hair does this too:( One thing I like to do is try different hair masks! There are some cheap ones out there but you can also find some pretty inexpensive ones to make. Also, you should always be eating healthy and staying hydrated it really does help your hair. Hope I could help:)