Is there a way to get rid of frizzy curly roots on wavyish hair?

I have sort of wavy hair (it used to be curlier but this past September it went to being wavier) but my roots are super curly/frizzy and I don't know what to do. Its almost like theyre matted down when they dry because they wont move around anywhere. I'm also not sure what hair type I have. I was also wondering how to define curls because my hair gets really poofy instead of having uniform waves or curls. Please help!!!! (im also not sure why my picture is upside down but that's the top of my head not the back)

2 Answers

Are you transitioning from relaxed hair? It doesn't look like frizz, it looks like a different hair type is growing out of your head.
oh my gosh. I have this problem too!!! It seems like nothing, absolutley nothing works on my roots.