Cannot wear hair down..What to do?

I am a natural dirty blonde with 3b hair. My mom has wavy hair and buys hair products for creating volume but nothing is for curly hair. Every day for school, I wear my hair in a bun. I try diffusing my hair and not touching it. It looks good at home, but by second period it looks super big. I think big hair is gorgeous but I wish my hair was flatter. It is super dry at the ends and frizzy. My mom won't buy products for my hair type . My hair is also currently between my chin and shoulders. 

1 Answer

Hi, I hope this helps. I made a list of a few things you could do to hopefully help your hair. Good luck! 1) To help control frizz maybe you could try a leave in conditioner to help moisturize your hair. 2) You said your ends were super dry. You should probably get a trim to take off the split ends. Or you could try deep conditioning, a leave in conditioner, or and conditioning thing really. Curly hair loves conditioner! Hope this helps!