weird dry frizzy patch?

so my hair has this weird dry frizzy patch on the right side & idk why its there it literally ruins my hairstyles & i was really scared that it was breakage. does anyone know any good deep conditioners? 

1 Answer

This website has a lot of different recipes on deep conditioners you can try. I usually do a honey and olive oil deep conditioner treatment. I spray my hair down with water to dampen it, this way the deep conditioner goes on easier. Then I mix honey, olive oil, and my favorite conditioner together. I don't use exact measurements, but a would say 2tbs honey, 1tbs olive oil, and I guess a good hand full of conditioner. Put it in your hair, wrap it up in a shower cap or plastic wrap, then leave it in for a really long time. This gives my the shiniest and practically frizz free curls EVER! This is what I like to do, you can try it and see if your hair likes it, or do a little more research on your hair to see why your hair is frizzing. Is it some product you're using? Maybe your sensitive to some ingredients? Maybe it's the way you style your hair? I don't know. I know you'll figure something out. Best of luck!