What can I do to make the hair around my face not frizzy. It's the only part of hair that won't curl

I've tried finger curling more conditioning, but nothing seems to work. It is kind of like Afro puffy and looks terrible because I ave type 3b hair. Oh and in the picture I had an exfoliating mask on so that is why it is a little bit green

1 Answer

This could be a result of heat damage, but most likely it is because the edges of our hair tend to be finer and more fragile than the rest of our hair. While styling, I'd suggest running your product from root to tip evenly in about 5 or 6 big sections of your hair, so that the roots get love too. And whenever you put your hair up in a bun, ponytail or other style, try using something for your edges like :http://Shop.NaturallyCurly.com/search/?query=edge+&x=0&y=0&records=20