What can I use to relax my curl and where it natural without it being a frizz ball?

3 Answers

I don't think you want to "relax" your hair... like with a chemical relaxer, right? There are some products out there that temporarily pull out some of the curl without chemicals. Curly Hair Solutions' Extenzz is one, I think.  You can also try loosing braiding your hair to loosen the curl. Or some ladies put duckbill clips on the ends of their curls while they're drying to weigh the curls down. 
Hi Thank you for your response no I do not want to chemically relax it. The Extenzz product sounds like exactly what I need to try. I will look into the duckbill clips as well. In the summer time I am at the beach and pool with my kids looking for a less time consuming hairstyle but still look put together. Thanks again :-)
Oh okay, then I agree with CurlyCoriander. There's lots of products out there that can "relax" your curls without the chemicals. You might want to take a look at this article about how to safely stretch the curl. There's a section in there about using braids, blowdryers, and flat irons to get the look you're going for. Hope it helps!