What's a good hair regimen/routine?

Okay so I'm currently trying to reach my goal of getting my hair to look like Princeton's from Mindless Behavior. However I have some major obstacles. My hair type is a mix of 3B and 3C. My curls look great coming out of the shower (it looks extremely close to Princeton's), but then become REALLY dry and frizzy, especially waking up in the morning. I have to drench my hair water in the morning just to cut down on frizz and tangles and style. My current morning routine is wetting my hair, applying Olive Oil Moisturizer, and combing through (however I've noticed that combing through breaks the big curls that are formed). How can I cut down on all the frizz so that my curls are more defined, and what's a good way too style? 

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try a moisturinzing leave in conditioner and some gel or creme styler.
Hi There,Another good routine is the curly method, where you cut out sulfate shampoo and use silicone free conditioners and styling products. I have 3a curly hair that is on the dry side and prone to frizz, this method really helped with definition and frizz control. For more information check out this link: http://www.wikihow.com/Follow-the-Curly-Girl-Meth...I hope this helps (: 
Hey there! To get your curls to clump and stay defined, I recommend a sulfate free shampoo, a slippery conditioner, a leave in, and a gel or cream gel for the summer. I love KC Come Clean, Elucence Mositure Balancing Conditioner, KC Knot Today, and Miss Jessie's Jelly Soft Curls.  I detangle my hair with my fingers (ditch that comb) in the shower while it's wet and rinse with cold water. Then add the Knot Today  to damp hair and layer the gel on top. Last, smooth your curls by taking large sections and running your hands down them and cup your curls.You can let it air dry or diffuse. This style should be good for like 3 -5 days depending on how you sleep. :) Hope this helps!I will try to get a video on my "clumpy" wash and go up soon. Thanks for asking!
Well man we got the same hair texture so,a good regimen that I do is use some of Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibicus they're line for curly hair such as they're smoothie,milk & souffle & for a styler I use ( Eco styler ) but I'm trying to incorporate things like Organic unrefined  coconut oil to my regimen since gel isn't good for 3c textures because it can lack moisture at time !