Why won't my hair do anything I want it to?

My hair lately has been refusing to do anything but curl. If I try to do a twist out it will not work braids can't tame my hair the only way for my hair to not completely coil is to straighten it which even that has become more difficult. I do everything possible to keep my hair healthy if; I see areas that aren't curling properly from heat damage I cut them. I deep condition and I originally thought maybe the reason for my hair being unruly lately was because I didnt deep condition for about 2 weeks so I did a deep condition (which seemed to make my hair less willing to do what I want and just coil thicker) I also wet my hair and detangle it almost every day applying conditioner washing it out and applying some more to leave in, I sleep on a satin pillow case, I only brush with a wide tooth comb, I don't use shampoo, I don't dry with towels. I do not understand why my hair is being so uncooperative lately if I am doing everything I should but my hair has way too much shrinkage and my hair is much too large to wear loose. I am becoming increasingly frustrated because I feel lately as though I can only do 2 hairstyles because my hair is so large and curly and unwilling to change shape. 

1 Answer

Try using a gel, like Evo Styler when you style your hair. It cuts down the frizz a lot. Just apply your leave in first, then go over each section with gel. Once it dries, take an oil and scrunch your hair so that it isn't crunchy. Hope this helps