anything that works for crown frizz for fine 3a's?

1 Answer

I am having the same problem on Day 2. technically since I wash my hair at night it's Day 3. I wash and style after dinner then air dry and leave the gel cast (which BTW i don't know how people use so much product. I end up with lots of crunch even with just a quarter size amount of gel-I have shoulder length hair when dry). I sleep on a satin pillowcase and the next day I have little to no crunch (so far ecostyler has left me with no morning crunch) so that day all is well until I take my shower (wearing a shower cap mind you) and i end up with a little halo that gets worse the next morning. I've tried smoothing some conditioner on it or spritzing with conditioner mixed with water (which seems to only make me greasy) and as soon as it dries I am back to the halo again. Not sure if I need to soak my whole head but I don't have time for that. I am also 3a/3b but probably closer to medium than fine. Hopefully this bumps your question so someone can answer!