Alcohol denat.

Does anyone know if all denat. Alcohols are terrible for hair. The first thing I learned about hair care even before being natural, was how bad alcohols are. And i know that alcohol denat. Is one of the bad ones, but i keep coming across it in hair products that are supposed to be only natural "good" ingredients. I have one called NuStyle organic detangler and shine booster by aubrey organics, and alcohol denat. Is the second ingredient even though it is just the lavender fragrance. Ive also noticed denatured alcohol in carols daughters new hair spray. I don't remember the name, i took one look at the ingredients and ran. But if denatured alcohol is so bad, why is it in so many "natural " products, advertised as "free from harmful ingredients". Also why the hell do they keep on putting it in things knowing most people dont want alcohol in their products?

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