Allergic to Shea, Coconut- and all thing nut! What to do?

Hi! I have 3C hair, I'm mixed. It's past my shoulders and I desperately need a good hair cream. I deep condition once a week and recently got it cut. I use VO5 and a little EVOO but the olive oil makes my hair too greasy to touch even though I don't use much, and the VO5 doesn't coat my hair enough, it's really only useful when I get braids. I'm allergic to shea butter, coconut oil, and any other nuts like almond or macadamia. It's a very hard struggle to find anything that tames my mane and doesn't contain these ingredients. Most products that don't contain it that I've found are for more fine hair. Please help!

1 Answer

You could always try using products that contain aloe vera, this makes alot of hair products such as gel, oils, shampoos and more