Coconut Oil Makes My Hair Super Hard: Any Other Oils That Make Hair Soft?

I've just started using coconut oil, but it makes my hair dull, hard, and is left with no movement.  I want to start using oils, but i don't know what oil I should use.  Products with coconut oil is fine, but I don't like coconut oil on my hair. My hair is 3c and i want a liquid oil rather than a solid like coconut oil- any good other oils that leave hair shiny with movement?

3 Answers

Olive oil is really good for adding shine and moisture to the hair. You should also try jojoba oil as well.
I've tried using Argan oil and it works well. 
i'm a fan of Jamaican black castor oil because i only have to apply it as a sealant once and my hair stays moisturized for 4-5 days and by then its almost time to rewash and style my hair but jbco is extremely thick and heavy so a little goes a long way and it's not for everyone