Is this conditioner Curly Girl Approved?

I recently moved to a new country and am trying to find a good CGA conditioner.  I attached some pictures of the product and ingredient list.  They are in Spanish but easily translatable.  Does this have any silicones or parabens or anything not Curly Girl Approved (by the DevaCurl method)?  Thanks! P.S.  The country is Chile and the brand of conditioner is Familidad, though I don't think they have it in the US.

3 Answers

it does have a type of silicone, it the last 2 just look up what its for and if its damaging to your hair then its probably not the best bet
i have a shampoo that has most of those ingredients and it works well, so i say yes but no because everyone's hair is different  and i didn't really know what the shampoo was doing to my hair
Usually sodium/sulfate products and silicone products should be avoided for curly hair within the 3a-4c catagory and this contains tetrasodium EDTA. It also has some alcohols in it so I would not use it if I were you. Hope this helps.