Cone & sulfate-free transition

I'm not no-poo nor do I currently intend to go no-poo, BUT I do want to go silicone & sulfate free. My shampoo is sulfate free but still has cones in it. But when I switched to a sulfate and cone free conditioner my hair suddenly was not as shiny and nice as usual. I understand why since cones make your hair shiny but damage it over time, but does that mean that if I go cone-free I'm destined to not have shiny hair? Or do you think that it's because I still have cones in my shampoo, and that the problem doesn't lie in the fact that my conditioner is cone-free but in the conditioner itself and I should just try another cone-free brand?

1 Answer

I don't think the cones damage your hair per se, they just prevent your hair to absorb any moisture after they are applied. Apply a product that gives you shine after washing your hair and lock it in, with a light oil; since you are a type 2 your hair should hold the shine until next wash.