Why does have have a flaky response to Aloe Vera?

My hair's category is 3cAbout ten months ago (which is winter season in the US), I've decided to try this product called "Kinky Curly Pudding". The moment i applied it to my hair, I enjoyed the thick consistency of the product. It also dramatically helped me detangle my hair effortlessly. It also stretched my curls and reduced shrinkage! Therefore I adored it. However, before i get to school, I unravel my hair (twistout) I was really pleased with the fact that my hair was weighted down :) But about 5 hours later, i remarked alot of white, dandruffy looking stuff in my hair. It even dominated to colour of my hair :/ I also tried organic pure aloe vera, and I got exactly the same results.Please help me, I love this ingredient so much, the only obstacle is the buildup/flaking.So my real question is are there any alternatives ingredients that trap out humidity like this one, or ways and methods to avoid this flaking for happening?By the way, my hair is not porous at all, even though it responds to humidity,  I've heard that this issue has to do with porosity.. Idk but i just need help.Thanks, Anaelle 15

1 Answer

Hmm...perhaps you should try looking for a product with no silicones in it. You could also be putting too much product in your hair. Look for products here, and see if you find anything you may like. These are all silicone free. Everyone seems to love As I Am, and they have a cone free styler. Check it out here: http://Shop.NaturallyCurly.com/product/as-i-am-curling-je...