How to gently remove low contents of mineral oil

So I've been looking for argon oil that won't hurt my budget for what seems like forever. I was at my local beauty supply store when I found a 1 oz bottle for a couple of dollars. The first of 8 ingredients is argon oil but the second to last (right before the fragrance) is mineral oil. I didn't notice it due to my excitement probably since the ingredients list goes to 1. Argon oil2. Canola oil3. Soybean oil4. Castor oil5. Coconut oil6. Olive oil7. Mineral oil******8. Fragrance I bought this product to mix in with my sweet almond oil and grape seed oil concoction for a sealent which means the mineral oil content will be further diluted but my hair is prone to build up and I think this product would make a great sealant but I just need to know how can I get it out of my hair during wash day so my other products can penetrate my dry hair before I re-seal with it. Thank you in advance!

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