What is glycerin? Why is it big deal if it's in product? It's 2nd in Deva B'Leavin & many others.

Read controversy over change in Shea Moisture products. Checked all of mine & found glycerin to be 5-6 in most lists. Is 2nd in a Deva product. If it's so bad, why is it in big name company products? What is it? It's 2nd in another product I've tried a couple times. Don't know if it made difference or not because I'm a newbie.

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You might find this article helpful: Glycerin: A Nearly Ubiquitous Ingredient
thank you. This was helpful. There is glycerin in all my products, but is generally 5 or 6. I have at least  2 where it's 2nd. I was puzzled by the distress of the writer who claimed her hair hates glycerin & Shra Moisture had changed the "recipe" for a favorite product. As near as I can tell, it's in all curly products, but in different quantity. It doesn't seem possible to get away from it entirely or even desirable.