My hair no longer is clumping like it used to. Have I over done it with protein?

I recently began to notice that my hair no longer clumps like it used to and is very frizzy. I think I may be protein sensitive but my hair doesn't feel dry as described when over proteined. Is it possible that I have overdone it with protein? If so, how do I reverse the effects of that? 

2 Answers

Are you using the same products you use to use? If so, is the formula the same as the original or version you used?
if you thik you may be overdoing the protein try using no protein on your hair for a while just moisture moisture moisture to balance things out if you feel like this solves the problem you may be protein sensative. Im protein sensative and I have a leave in conditioner with silk protein my hair can handle that but not every day so you just gotta find your balance