Is my hair oiler because I switched to shampoo without sulfate and other chemicals?

I recently switched from normal shampoo to shampoo without sulfate because my scalp was really dry and flakey. I thought the sulfate might be contributing to my dandruff so I switched. First I switched to Shea Mositure's Fruit Fusion Coconut Water shampoo for fine, wavy hair. I washed it at night, and then went to sleep (like I usually do) and woke up and it was already oily. I thought maybe the poo and conditioner moisturized it more than my hair needed to I tried Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle poo and conditioner. Washed it, went to sleep, and the same thing happened but it was only oily on one side of my head..I'm wondering if using sulfate free shampoo is just making my hair oily since it's not used to retaining is natural oil after showers or if it's the Shea Moisture shampoo?Also, if it is just oily because of sulfate-free, should I not sleep on it wet? Should I use another product after I shower? I'm new to this and need all the help I can get. My hair type is 2a/b with a very thick head of fine, long hair. I've only ever used shampoo and conditioner. Rarely do I use anything else, I never use heat, always airdry. 

1 Answer

I would suggest two things. Thing one - stop shampooing completely. Use a light cowash that's not heavy on shea or coconut oils - those will weight your hair down a TON, and for fine hair, really are better as products you put on your ENDS to seal in moisture, from root to tip. Thing two - give your scalp a MONTH to get used to the new product and routine. The reason for this? Your scalp is alive. Right now, it's under the impression that it needs to create extra sebum (oils) to compensate for the sebum you strip away with shampoo. After a month of you NOT stripping our scalp of its natural sebum, the production will chill out and it will stop creating so much! Transition to sulfate-free styling is a pain in the butt, but it's SUPER worth it for fine hair. Stick it out for a month and see if it works! Good luck!