For high porosity hair , which I have. Are their certain ingredients to look for within products?

I found out i have hight porosity hair yesterday (Oct 31, 2016 ) and now I have changed my regimen.  I often question why my hair has stayed a twa for so long and my growth hasn't changed much at all. This could be the reason as to why.  I hope this helps.  I cut my hair 3 times but big chopped this past February, so it will be a year I have been natural soon, but when i big chopped this past February I cut out all the perm from my head. I am now a little over a year perm free. I'm wondering if my hair is still transitioning to being natural and this is why my hair isn't growing. Or is it because I have high porosity hair and I haven't known & I've been using all the wrong products playing the guessing game with products. 

1 Answer

Hi juicynate, I have high porosity hair as well, and our hair needs protein to temporarily patch up the overly raised cuticles. Lots of protein would be good, and heavy oils like avocado, olive, castor, and argan oil. I would recommend SheaMoisture's high porosity line for you, or at least a couple of the hhigh-protein products.