what should I use to get my hair straight

what product should I use to staight en my hair I e used the hot iron n argon n other oils n bye the time im done trying to get it straight its all frizzy please help me and tell me what to do to make it straight without frizz and what product s should I use thTs good for my hair n help s it look good when I want it curl

1 Answer

Oils aren't heat protectors; they are moisturizers & can give sheen, but do not create enough of a barrier to protect your hair from the heat. You want to use a serum like Biosilk or Frizz-Ease. You can apply these to either wet or dry hair (I prefer wet, but experiment to see what works for you). Be aware that serums can build up, so you might find you need to clarify more often.Make sure your hair is complete DRY before you iron. You may see some steam come off your hair as you iron; a small, almost indiscernible amount is acceptable, but if a lot is coming off (like a teapot), your hair is too wet. Divide your DRY hair up in small sections (think Bantu Knots) and from those sections, take a piece that is approx 1 inch by 1/4 inch. Start at the root, clamp down, & smooth the iron down the hair to the root using the same even pressure & speed. Remember not to let go or speed up when you reach the tips! Keeping the same pressure & speed is crucial to having your hair straighten evenly. You'll want to experiment with pressure & speed, your goal being to use the least amount of pressure & the fastest speed that straightens your hair without burning it or without you having to do another pass over same sections. When a section of hair has been straightened, don't touch it, just leave it alone to cool. Complete the rest of your hair in the same manner & after you are done, let the hair cool before you touch or brush/comb it. If you live in a humid environment or have high porosity hair, you might consider applying a finishing or light hold hairspray. I'm a fan of Smooth Sexy Hair Smooth & Seal Anti-Frizz & Shine.I hope that helps!