I have to use a medicated scalp product with silicone? What to do?

I have a scalp issue (eczema) and I use a medicated treatment on my scalp. It contains non-water soluble silicones. Should I look for a CG-friendly treatment? Will using it completely set me back on my CG journey? Any insight would be appreciated. :)

1 Answer

Sure, you can look into CG-friendly treatments, but if nothing else is available just remember that the goal of CG is to get your hair and scalp the healthiest it can be.  So maybe for a while it means that you use silicones; luckly it's not the end of the world :)  You'll probably have to use sulfates to wash it out, and you'll probably need to do more deep conditioning treatments to combat some dryness, but in the end you'll be ahead because you're treating your medical condition!Good luck!!