May I use sillicones??

my hair is 2b 2c and very fine. I'm with the CG for the last 4 months but all the styling products i try don't work in my hair, it looks heavy. My hair has no shine and is not moisturized. I don't use any  sillicone or sulphate. Yesterday i bought the "be curly enhacing crean" and the "color conserve daily color protect" from Aveda . They have 1 sillicone, non-soluble, but a lot of girls of this website use this products. May I use them and forget the Curly girl Method??? I REALLY need your help. 

2 Answers

personally, i've only had bad experiences with silicones. no matter how many were in my shampoo or conditioner, all they did was keeping my hair from absorbing other products it needs in order to look, feel and most importantly be healthy. but it may just be like this for my hair.
Experiment girl! all of our hair is different and will react differently to every product. personally i like to stay away from silicones but there are products with silicones that my hair just loves! Same with sulfates some of my curly friends use sulfate shampoos here and there while i avoid it all together.Try it out and see how it works for you whats the worst that can happen? its not like your bleaching/relaxing etc.