I'm a very natural women! Tips on organic shampoo, conditioner and oils? ;)

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Shea Moisture : Amazing and affordable , Also Organix ......Coconut oil , or Extra virgin oilive oil are my personal faves 
I like Andalou Naturals. Not sure they're organic, but they're natural. 
Yes to Carrots and Alba Botanica are my favorite natural brands. Shea moisture is awesome too. I find them all at Target. They're under $10 and the size matches the price (except Shea Moisture). As for oils I only use coconut oil (for pre pooing), castor oil mixed with tea tree oil on my scalp, and grapeseed oil for sealing my hair since it's very light. I only shampoo once a month. The rest of the month I'm cowashing with Eden Bodyworks Coconut Cowash. :)
hi there! one of the things i do before i buy, is check the weird ingredients on this website http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/it reviews how natural products/ingredients are, and rates them. green is good, yellow is okay, red should be avoided. lots of the shea moisture products are very safe to use! the odd ingredients, just search in the tool bar. they make a smartphone app, which is prettt cool!