Which ingredients are proteins and which aren't? It's so confusing. I need a comprehensive list.

I have low porosity protein sensitive hair and trying to find products without protein is so hard.  I know curlmart tells you, but I can't afford to buy things online all the time, so I need to know for myself.  Growing up I thought proteins were meat, eggs, beans, and nuts.  But on labels it says "rice protein" and "wheat protein".  And some people say if it says "hydrolyzed" it's okay, and others say it's not.  Please tell me what's protein and what isn't.  There are so many ingredients commonly used in curly hair products, and I really want to know as many as you can tell me.Like these:  amla oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, macadamia oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, avocado oil, castor oil, neroli oil, hemp, mango extract, etc. etc. etc.  (so many ingredients! Help!)

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This might help, or at least a start.Ingredients Commonly Used in Hair Care Products: Proteins
I used to be CRAZY over ingredients. I had to know every one of them and what they do and why they are in my shampoo. Why is there a new oil everyday?! :) I feel you. What I've done to keep me sane is make a list of the ingredients my hair LOVES. And I tried to find products that have those in them at least somewhere in the top 5 on the list of ingredients.  Then I ID the stuff my hair hates and stayed away from them. If I found a product with ingredients my hair liked (organic slipper elm) but also included something it hated like mineral oil.... then I'd have a real decision to make and most often it meant leaving that product alone. Cost used to be the number 1 factor but over time I realized that I spent much more on eating out or something that didn't last or had 6 pairs of, and my hair is way more important. I only have one head of it and if its damaged and gone then its gone! So, now price is somewhere in the middle. If the product works, buy it! The cheaper or more expensive alternatives might not do the same thing. Always go for what is healthy and works. BTW, I have fine 3c hair, low porosity and densely packed. Here are some of my favs.... I try to stay away from protein unless my hair really needs it. Its just one of those things where too much can cause breakage.Nikki Chanel's FavoritesAnyway, here's a good read:Proteins: Why You Should Care