Itchy Scalp and Ears

I have been having issues since I really committed to using products in my 2a/b/c hair the past few weeks. My scalp is super itchy and the top of my ears. I'm assuming that it is not the low poo I switched to from regular shampoo or the shea moisture conditioners. I think I've tracked it down to when I use AG recoil or a shea moisture weightless mousse. In looking at ingredients the mousse has coco betaine in it. It's a shame because I love the mousse, but I feel like I'm leaving a shampoo ingredient in my hair. That seems crazy to me! I thought it could be the epsom salt in recoil, but I think i've deduced that it is not. Is it likely anything else? Could I be allergic to polyquats or polymers? Unlikely, right?

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