Now or later?

Okay, so I've tried the no-sulfate/no-silicone thing before and want to try it again-- just bought some new stuff for it yesterday! The thing is, I'm getting my hair trimmed Friday and know my stylist will use shampoo and products with sulfates and/or silicones; PLUS, I'm having my senior pictures taken the Friday after that. Would it be best to start with my new, sulfate and silicone-free products now? After my hair cut? Or after my senior pictures? I'm nervous about the transition period when my hair will have to adjust and not look so awesome. Any advice or information would be helpful. Thanks!!

3 Answers

You should start right now but today should be your last day using a sulfate shampoo to get rid of build up. Then, use your conditioner you just got.
I would go to the stylist to go get the hair cut , everyone wants to look good for senior pictures , But you can just bring your own products and ask her if she'll use those instead . Lastly , you could always just wash your own hair before you go , if that seems like a good idea 
If your hair didn't react well in the first week to the no sulfates/silicones the first time then I would wait until after your senior pictures. If your hair looked good the first time then go ahead and start today, and bring your own products to the salon they should be happy to use them for you.