can someone please list me oils that are NON greasy ? I want to make a leave-in hair growth oil mix

I really want to make a leave in hair growth serum/oil. However, I don't want to have my scalp greasy. So far, some non greasy oils are rose hip oil, hemp seed oil , and soybean oil. What are other non greasy/dry oils out there?

2 Answers

For your hair type you'll want lighter oils, especially ones that actually penetrate the cuticle. Some to try would be coconut, olive, jojoba, and argan. 
There is a uk brand called trepadora, They have this product called maca moisture, It is something like 96% natural, and when its used on wet hair, it doesnt feel greasy or look it at all. I dont know how much shipping too the us would be though... It is a mixture of oils, they also have a product called inca radiance smoothing elixir, which is a lightweight mixture of pure oils and is 100% natural, it doesnt have water or salt in it either. As well as that, all their products are silicone, paraben, mineral oil, sulphate and GMO free and are responsibly sourced